Bringing it All Together: Dashboarding with Google Data Studios

by Brian Toomey, JB Analytics CEO

Visualizing Data

With all of the technical work attended to, you should have a well implemented ecosystem for collecting useful data. The next step is to develop data driven insights to inform business strategy. Making sense of all the data you’re gathering can be a huge job let alone distilling it all down to key value and insights for decision makers. 

This is where data visualization and dashboarding can help empower teams to leverage data clearly and with a regular cadence. It’s vital that teams close the loop here by translating their hard work into insights that can be easily understood and communicated within their organization.

What it is

Google Analytics’ own dashboarding capabilities have now been superseded by the new Google Data Studio platform, which can connect to Google Analytics, Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords), Microsoft Ads (former Bing Ads), Search Console, and a range of other platforms. 

Data Studio reports can be interactive, allowing users to filter, select dates, and more at the click of a button. 

As a robust, well-integrated platform, Data Studio allows organizations to bring data together into an interactive, easy-to-use report that takes in key performance indicators from a range of sources or areas within Google Analytics and elsewhere, for easy visualization and presentation. 

In some cases, for example where significant and complex post-processing of data needs to happen before it is presented, dashboards can be created in other platforms, for example Google Sheets, making use of APIs to access data. 

Why it matters

As your data accumulates over time and across many channels and goals, making it accessible for a range of audiences is critical to empowering insights and communicating them to stakeholders within your business.

Without the final step of analysis and dashboarding, data remains unprocessed and its value untapped.

What to do

  • The JB team can create a custom Data Studio dashboard to meet the precise needs of your team, improve insights, and reduce the time spent on reporting and analysis. 
  • Example reports can be found in the Data Studio Gallery.

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