Deepening User Insight: Scroll Tracking, Heatmaps, and Session Recording

by Brian Toomey, JB Analytics CEO

What it is 

Although Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics do have some facility for scroll tracking (seeing how far down the page users get), this is one area where other packages do it better, more easily, and in a more robust way. We usually use Hotjar for scroll tracking and heatmapping. 

Hotjar can also be used for session recording – creating videos of exactly where an individual user’s mouse goes and what they click on. This can be useful for uncovering usability problems. 

Why it matters

Are users actually seeing content that is below the first fold? What items in main navigation are being used and which aren’t? These are important questions that heatmapping and scroll tracking can answer in a visual format that makes it easy to extract meaningful insights..

What to do

Once Hotjar or an equivalent is in place:

  • Select pages for heat and scroll tracking.
  • Detailed form analysis can be set up, to provide information at a granularity down to individual fields.
  • If desired, set up session recording when a visit matches a certain set of parameters.
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