We work with teams on top brands, universities, and governments across the world to deliver custom training in Google Analytics and paid media management (specifically Google and Microsoft Ads).

We’ve helped train staff at:

Google Analytics Training

JB offers personalized Google Analytics training workshops from a single half day introductions through to multiple day intensive workshops. Participants can be mixed groups from a variety of companies and backgrounds or teams from a single organization. Training clients include universities and colleges, governmental bodies, businesses, charities, and NGOs.

Attendees consistently rate our workshops as excellent, and repeat bookings for different groups from the same organization (or different topics- see below) are common. We have more than a decade of deep and broad Google Analytics experience and usually deliver at least a dozen Google Analytics training days per year every year. We not only know the standard tools and reports within GA but also the idiosyncrasies, the pitfalls, and the hidden pots of data gold. 

In addition, our core staff has PhD level training in Data Science and mathematics and a broad range of scientific publications across pure and applied math and psychology

GA Training can cover:

  • Standard measures and metrics
  • Audience, Acquisition, Behavior and Conversions sections
  • Segments and custom segments
  • Defining events and goals
  • Ecommerce data
  • Sampling and precision
  • Google Analytics for paid media management
  • Creating custom reports to save time and improve reporting consistency.
  • A/B testing and test interpretation 
    • A module on Google Data Studio is usually included as well

For those with more technical needs, we can also cover (or offer a specialized session on);

  • Deploying advanced features such as enhanced ecommerce data collection
  • Debugging and issue detection
  • Google Tag Manager.

Both Google Data Studio and Tag Manager can also be offered as stand-alone workshops.

Brian and his team bring expert level consulting combined with a collaborative and good-humored approach to their work. Not only did they dig in with our team to solve some complex challenges and deliver results, they proved themselves to be trusted partners and colleagues. If you’re looking for an analytics and data partner, I would recommend checking out JB Analytics.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and testing

All sites with a medium or large audience should be split testing, and all websites regardless of size can benefit from applying conversion rate optimization best practices. If you aren’t, there’s no doubt that you’re missing out- in most cases improving CRO and usability is the single highest ROI activity a business can engage in online. If your time and money is limited, it may be the best investment you can make in your website. 

We offer full or half day training in conversion rate optimization, which can include an introduction to the concepts and practice of split testing. The full day includes:

  • Basic principles of CRO
    • Color and visual hierarchy
    • Matching tone and audience
    • Desire-focussed messaging
    • Building trust
    • Social proof
    • Magnitude signals
    • User journey planning
    • Calls to action.
  • Common UX problems to watch for
  • Using analytics data to identify testing opportunities
  • Building your first test
  • Measuring variant performance and understanding test results.
  • The statistics of significance testing, and presentation of results to non-technical audiences.

CRO and split mentorships and testing-as-a-service are also available for those who want to run their own continuous testing regimen but would benefit from help getting started or implementing more complex test ideas.

Google and Microsoft Ads (formerly AdWords and Bing Ads) training 

Single day or half day workshops can be delivered for those wanting to start their paid media campaigns off on the right foot, or for those who want to improve the performance of an existing account. The full introductory day covers:

  • Campaign types: paid search, display, remarketing/retargeting, and more
  • Targeting: keyword and audience selection, match types, and refinement
  • Automated and manual bidding methods
  • Calculating expected costs and returns
  • Text and display ad construction
  • Defining conversions and linking with Google Analytics
  • Creating custom audiences
  • Geographical targeting and scheduling
  • Correct use of exclusions, bid adjustments and negative keywords
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Day to day account maintenance and improvement
  • Performance evaluation and reporting
  • Leveraging A/B testing to improve PPC performance