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10+ years & 100+ clients. Data-obsessed results.

We Drive Business Success with Data & Design

We are passionate about data. With PhD mathematicians and statisticians on staff, and we are obsessed with gathering and integrating data across all available channels to mine novel strategic insights, and drive high ROI growth. You won’t find a firm more committed to data-driven business intelligence and strategy.

We are platform and channel agnostic, ready to measure and iterate across the whole marketing stack. We believe in business savvy discussions to determine key performance metrics, and then iterating rapidly across search and paid media channels, while tracking and testing conversions.


JB Analytics’ data-driven approach to search, web design, and testing drove a valuable increase in lead volume and quality. We recommend them to anyone in a technical B2B space.

Ryan Dandeneau, Vice President of Putnam Plastics



More Traffic

From organic search, to pay per click and paid media, we have the strategy and execution to get you not only more traffic, but the right traffic at the right price.

Search Optimization

Your business can benefit from high-level technical SEO expertise. Our small, expert team has decades of experience and keeps up to date with the cutting edge of search science.

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Search & Social Ads

Advertise efficiently and effectively through AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter and more. We'll help you choose the platforms and technology that suit your business.

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Remarketing & Display Ads

Target the perfect audience of new visitors or those who've interacted with your brand before. We design ads, tag users, provide sharp analytics, and manage spend to maximize ROI.

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Happier Users

We provide expert research and testing to help better serve your users, and by extension generate more sales from every visitor.

User Experience Research

Understand your users and how they are interacting with your site. There is almost always at least one surprise in store.

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Conversion Optimization

Rapidly test ideas for what drives the most business. Run experiments, keep the winners and iterate for continual improvement.

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JB copywriters can create carefully researched, SEO-friendly, and above all, conversion-focused copy for the most technical industry.

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Business Success

Tying it all together—from intelligent strategy at the inception of a campaign through to execution—we provide data-driven business solutions.

Business Strategy

We know how to collect, process and synthesize your disparate date streams and channels into profit-driving business intelligence. Get data-driven strategy on what you need to do to beat the competition.

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Data Analysis

JB Analytics is home to a powerful combination of mathematical expertise and coding skill. We'll find the business intelligence latent in even the most complex and messy data.

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Advanced Analytics

We are specialists in the setup, cleaning and interpretation of Google Analytics data, and in implementing the best choice of additional packages. Get one-off help or regular reporting to help you see clearly.

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Marketing & Analytics Training

We offer digital marketing and web analytics training from people with expertise in the right fields—including teaching. We run regular courses and offer custom in-house workshops as well.

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Staff Support & Augmentation

You don't have to go to the trouble and expense of hiring an expert yourself—just borrow one of ours and get high-level coding, data analytics and digital marketing skills when you need them.

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Full Stack Marketing & Design

If you need an entire digital refresh, we are the perfect team to manage a complete relaunch. We pride ourselves on being able to blend design, conversion, analytics, marketing and business intelligence seamlessly.

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