Core Values


We work to leverage all relevant data sources and put as much energy into what we measure and how well we measure it, as we do into interpretation. We recognize data as most powerful in service of broader human values and relationships.


We do what we say we are going to do. If we don’t think our services could deliver real value to your business, we’ll say so. 


Everyone at JB aims to maintain warm, professional relationships in all our communications.

Results driven

We focus on driving real results.

Socially responsible

Strive to be responsible environmental consumers and aligned with the effective altruism movement. Our recent efforts include both providing services to organizations as well as funding projects.

Our Values in Action

Monarca Health |

We believe choosing a Direct Primary Care group such as Monarca Health can lead to better doctor-patient relationships. We helped establish a longterm strategy by laying the groundwork for a strong local web presence.

JB Analytics helped us launch our site and develop a business strategy to help change the way medicine is practiced in America. They are data driven, but also listen.

GiveDirectly |

Aside from monetary donations, we provided extensive operations support to rebuild their site and help improve their digital analytics infrastructure and raise GiveDirectly’s profile online. As an organization GiveDirectly share our passion for applying data to real life problems, and we also love their focus on recipient dignity and respect.

charity: water |

We are among the first supporters of charity: water projects in their new service area: Madagascar. We funded the construction of a solar powered well to bring 120 people clean water for the first time in their lives. Water is pumped from springs into a reservoir tank and then distributed to tap stands located below. From there, community members can access the fresh water from one of several private or public water kiosks.

JB Analytics has been a great help to charity: water. They combine a passion for data with an equally intense passion for results in the digital space. We recommend them to anyone with business intelligence, analytics or SEM needs.

Citizens Climate Lobby |

People who are trying to save the world don’t always have time to look after the fine details of their web analytics or digital advertising campaigns. We provide support for CCL’s  analytics and PPC as and when needed- they know they can count on us to solve problems and keep things running smoothly. 

JB Analytics combines a passion for data and analytics to drive improvements in Pay Per Click performance. They are friendly, results driven, and we recommend them wholeheartedly.