It’s a buzzword, but sometimes the Zeitgeist has it right. If your business has been around for a while (and especially if it has reached a certain size) it’s very likely that you have data that could be leveraged. Do you know:

  • Where users leave the checkout process?

  • How many of them encounter errors?

  • Which external campaigns (social media, paid advertising) are generating good ROI and/or contributing meaningfully to downstream conversions and which are not?

  • Where international growth opportunities are for your market?

  • What users are searching for on your site and not finding?

  • Who are your users? Is your website serving the whole target market well, or just part of the age, gender, and geographical range?

  • What are your competitors doing that works?

  • What new platforms and methods could you be using to more effectively engage?

  • What products and services are almost, but not quite, generating sales?

  • What’s your next step in business? (hint: pick the low-hanging fruit, there are almost always more of these than you think!)

JB Analytics has partnered with us on a number of projects to help with SEO and complex Google analytics and Google Tag Manager installations. They are experts at analyzing data and translating that into a winning strategy that leverages the latest web marketing best practices.

JB Analytics combines a passion for data and analytics to drive improvements in Pay Per Click performance. They are friendly, results driven, and we recommend them wholeheartedly.

Tony Sirna, Data and Strategy Coordinator at Citizens’ Climate Lobby

As our name suggests, JB Analytics specializes in converting data to actionable insights aimed squarely at improving performance. A lot of the time that means diving deep into data sources like Google Analytics, New Relic, Mixpanel, Hotjar, or even going direct to server logs to find out what’s really happening on your site or app.

If you don’t have data collected or collecting, why not? In most cases it costs little or nothing to collect meaningful data once the system has been properly set up, and the insights delivered can be game-changers.

Other data sources

Of course, data doesn’t have to belong to you or even be specific to your business to be valuable. We pull numbers from your competitors and from a wide range of third parties, after figuring out which can provide the information you need the most. It can be just as useful to understand competitors and the wider marketplace. We can collect and analyze data from external sources on your behalf, for example:

  • Competitor terminology and content
  • National and international market size
  • Market trends over time

The 80/20 rule

You might have heard of the 80/20 rule for business: 80% of the value is generated by 20% of the users. Our project data shows it’s actually more like 95/5, but more on that elsewhere.

Getting more eyes on your website isn’t enough. In fact, it’s almost never the fastest and most efficient path to revenue growth. Getting more of the right eyes is the key. By knowing exactly who your high value users are, we can focus on getting more of them and delivering the greatest possible value per visit. We believe that improvements in Google rankings and visitor numbers are great, but bumping up your revenue is what really counts.

JB has PhD-level data expertise and ninja-level software providers. If we don’t have a framework for analyzing the data that counts for your business, we’ll build one.

JB Analytics Experts