Writing copy is easy. It’s writing outstanding copy that’s hard. It has to be SEO friendly and compatible with the latest and greatest of Google’s machine learning algorithms. It has to sell your product or service (sometimes with a high degree of technical accuracy). It has to read beautifully and reflect the tone your target market wants to see.

The last two points are the most important. There’s no point bringing people on to your page with over-optimized copy (although thankfully this doesn’t work so well any more) if they don’t like what they read when they get there.

Writing for humans first

JB Analytics copywriters are writers first, SEO nerds second. Our writers take the time to get to know your brand, your selling points and your offering in detail. We can start from scratch, edit or adapt existing text, and we’re always happy to accept direction and constructive criticism to produce copy that is exactly right in every detail.

Thanks to a commitment to research, JB copywriters have also become experts in subjects as diverse as industrial nozzle design, compassionate hospice services, medical research news, fantasy football analytics, real estate financial modeling and the New York events scene.

JB Analytics Experts

Knowing the audience

The technical team also plays a role in copywriting. The writers work from detailed and carefully researched plans aimed at making sure the finished product captures valuable mid- and long-tail search terms as well as the more obvious choices. Before a word is written, we’ll know what questions your market is asking, what benefits and features they’re looking for, where their pain points are, and how all of that relates to your products and services.

The approach is data driven but also benefits from the exceptional skills of exceptional writers. Both technical geeks and writers are specialists in their own very different fields, but working together to create the perfect copy.