Technical Code and Server Level Variables

by Brian Toomey, JB Analytics CEO

Are my technical factors in good working order?

Aside from identifying problems, there are a number of ways we can direct and inform search engines, telling them more about the structure of our site and how each page relates to the others. 

Often, conventional SEO companies are pushing a car uphill with the brakes still on. Sites that are cleanly coded and efficient from a technical SEO point of view will get better results from everyday SEO work than those that have unaddressed problems with core implementation issues. That’s why we make sure the technical side is taken care of with detailed and careful checks on technical SEO points many firms won’t even be aware of. 

Changing URLs is almost always bad. Keywords in URLs don’t really matter as much as most agencies think, and traffic is often lost with even the best redirects. Mindfully managing your page’s addresses, your domain(s), and how traffic is being routed is a critical piece of effective site management with clear impacts on SEO and its implementation.

We’ve worked with JB Analytics for a year on growth marketing projects. Their work on analytics, SEO, copywriting, and conversion rate optimization increased our sales-qualified lead volume and has been unambiguously ROI positive.

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