Optimizing On-Page SEO

by Brian Toomey, JB Analytics CEO

Keyword rich, user-focused landing pages are the foundation of good onsite SEO. Aside from body text, there are a few specific on-page ranking factors that are strong ranking factors. The most important on-page factors are summarized below:

Outline with Page Title, headline, Image and Title

Additional page elements and information:

Target Keyword phrase
“chocolate donuts”

Page Title
Chocolate Donuts | Mary’s Bakery 

Meta Description
Mary’s Bakery’s chocolate donuts are possibly the most delicious, perfectly formed, flawlessly chocolatey donuts ever made.

The image and details above represent the core elements to track when developing SEO optimized pages.

While copy should still be user friendly and read naturally these pieces should provide strong guidelines for framing how to apply research and guide copy development.


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