Iterative SEO Improvement

by Brian Toomey, JB Analytics CEO

We often find that clients have covered some but not all of the preceding points.

SEO Checklist

If you’re feeling stuck about what to do next, having done some work, the list below may be a helpful checklist. In general, we tend to work from top to bottom on the list below (i.e. lower hanging fruit tends to be on the top of this list).

  1. Is there anything blocking indexation in the engines?
  2. Are there any duplicate content issues?
  3. Do I have meta titles for all search relevant pages?
  4. Is there dedicated content for all targets?
  5. Do I have a short click path from my most linked pages to my search landing pages?
  6. Do I have a good number and quality of links and mentions pointing at my site?

It’s not to say that links are less important than title tags, Just that title tags are in most cases easier to create. The same for title tags relative to content. Both are important and needed, but the former is quicker (and often gives quick wins).

We’ve worked with JB Analytics for a year on growth marketing projects. Their work on analytics, SEO, copywriting, and conversion rate optimization increased our sales-qualified lead volume and has been unambiguously ROI positive.

Iterative Improvement

Once each of the following stages, strategy, analytics, technical SEO, and content SEO have been attended to, it makes sense to begin asking how to improve what’s been built. For iterative improvement in SEO, we continually return to the questions in this document combined with the power of A/B testing to help test ideas, generate insights, and ultimately, maximize customer value.


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