Linking E-commerce and Media Strategy Optimization with Exploratory Data Analysis

by Brian Toomey, JB Analytics CEO

The Request

Help understand and improve user conversion patterns for ecommerce sales of a nationally syndicated television program. 

Key Takeaways

Think about new ways to explore, visualize and interpret your data to unlock new strategies. 


We were approached by a national TV network to research ecommerce sales patterns and see where and how media buying strategy could be improved. We were only supplied with ecommerce checkout data and encouraged to explore for hidden insights. 

What We Accomplished

  • Discovered significant geographical variance in media strategy
  • Developed strategic adjustments for urban/rural and north/south media segmentation resulting in:
    • Increase in media efficacy
    • Millions of dollars in additional sales. 

How We Did It

Using order lines from a market-leading national television network and a household brand name show, we converted purchase zip codes to lat/long points and then referenced against third party econometric data from the Federal Reserve. 

The analysis was done in R, a dedicated statistics programing language. This allowed identification of regions that were over and underperforming relative to population, and drove key adjustments in media buying and creative targeting on an individual zip code basis.

Map of Member Sales Density By Zip

Previous Member Sales Density By Zip

Red = High Sales Per Capita

Green = Average Sales Per Capita

Blue = Low Sales Per Per Capita


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