Competitor Link Analysis and Link Hubs

by Brian Toomey, JB Analytics CEO

Competitor Link Analysis

We consistently find the most useful metric of social link authority to be ‘Linking C Blocks.’ This is the total number of class C IP blocks linking across the entire domain, where Class C is analogous to an area code in a phone number. This is a good joint measure of link reach and variance.

Domain Authority is a log scale, and class C IP blocks is a roughly linear one (not all links are equally valuable, but we can roughly assume that their value is uniformly distributed so comparing raw counts is informative.) 

We consider C blocks to be more informative than raw domain or raw individual links counts because they control for aggregators on, i.e., the same blog or directory network, and seem to hold a tighter real world correlation with rankings. 

Accordingly, while fixing the code level indexation and duplicate will help, you will need to attend to closing the PR gap against your competitors to rank as well as them over the longer term. 

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Link Hubs

Have I audited competitor link graphs looking for ideas and hubs?

We perform detailed audits of who is linking to your competitors, including:

  • Are there any hub sites that link to more than one of your competitors but not to you?
  • What strategies are competitors using to drive links?
  • What competitor content is attracting links organically?
  • Which of your competitors are actively engaged in link building?
  • What categories are contributing to their link profiles (i.e. vendors, traditional press, charities, etc)?

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