Structured Data and Render Checking

by Brian Toomey, JB Analytics CEO

Structured data

What it is

Structured Data markup allows you to provide search engines with content level organizational information. (see examples below).

Example: PERSON MARKUP | Education, Nickname, Birth Date

Search result showing Bill Nye title, link to bibliography

Example: EVENT Markup | Event date, Event Name, etc.

Screenshot showing SERP result of Events for Science Live

Why it matters

Making use of structured data help search engines parse content and display it inline in search engine results pages, leading to richer and more interesting results that usually see higher click through rates.

What to do

  • Make use of markup such as JSON-LD or  
  • Implement the School or High School markup on the homepage or in the sitewide footer. 
  • Consider additional application areas such as:
    • Faculty members to be marked up as Persons
    • Sports matches and other events to be marked up as Events
    • Video content to be marked up as Videos
    • Addresses to be marked up as Places.
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Render checking 

What it is

The process of using online tools to see how your page is being rendered by a search engine.

Why it matters

Render checking through Search Console helps identify issues Googlebot may be having parsing a given page on your website, either in terms of content that is missing or errors the page is producing. 

What to do

Address issues as needed discovered via render check.


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