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JB Analytics Playbook

At JB Analytics, we are data obsessed and aim to create happier users and more traffic. We’re experts at optimizing to business needs and have created a Playbook to help our clients better understand what we do. Browse the table of contents to learn more.

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3 Ways B2B Web Marketing Is Different

In a lot of ways B2B web marketing is the same as B2C. To get and benefit from high quality traffic, you’ll still need the basics:

* Clean code, mobile friendly responsive design, and fast load times
* Optimized page titles, tags, and text
* Well-written content that provides value to the reader
* Clear navigation and good user experience.

But understanding the differences between B2C and B2B can translate into big financial payoffs.

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A Faster Site Leads to Higher Search Ranks, More Conversions

When browsing the internet, we all want the websites we use to load immediately. We love websites that appear in a snap and respond as if they are reading our minds. On the flip side, we have no patience for laggy, bloated pages with long delays.

However, businesses updating their websites rarely prioritize improving the speed of their site by decreasing page load times.

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How Long Tail Search Can Increase Traffic

How do we write web content that ranks highly on Google and other search engines? How do we write keyword-rich content for the web? These are among the first questions businesses ask when building a new website or updating their old pages.

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Updating IP and Domain Strategy to Increase Traffic

Search is winner-take-most, so consolidate your brand and domain, and get technical factors right even if it’s a little bit of a dev lift. When thoughtbot.com approached us they had a lot of fantastic, high value content split across several subdomains and their root domain…

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Optimizing On-Page SEO

Keyword rich, user-focused landing pages are the foundation of good onsite SEO. Aside from body text, there are a few specific on-page ranking factors that are strong ranking factors.

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